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The Account View 2.0 mobile app and desktop portal brings enhanced capabilities, so you can access your information from anywhere, anytime. This allows you to focus on your financial aspirations and how you’re trending toward your goals.

With a modernized dashboard, you get a simple view of your account information so you can see everything in one easy-to-understand view. Connectivity and convenience—that’s what the Account View 2.0 experience delivers.

Account View Self Service Features:

Account Aggregation through Wealth Vision

With a single sign-on to Account View, you also have access to eMoney's WealthVision platform. Here you can securely link all additional accounts held outside of LPL in a personal website that uses sophisticated technology to offer you a consolidated view of your financial life.

Mobile Check Deposit

Account View users can deposit checks digitally through the Account View Mobile App. This eliminates the need to account for mailing and processing time. Mobile Deposit is only available for depositing funds to non-retirement accounts held at LPL Financial. This eliminates the time for mailing and processing time.

There is no limit for the number of deposits per day. However, only one check image can be deposited at a time. The check deposit daily limit is $50,000 per check and a 30 day limit of $250,000 . We accept checks from U.S. Financial Institutions, in U.S. dollars. Acceptable check types include: Checks payable to LPL Financial or exact account registration, personal checks, business checks, bank money orders, cashiers or certified check and government/treasure checks.

Mobile Check Deposit FAQ's

Mobile Check Deposit Guide

Transfer Money via ACH Deposits 

Transfer Money allows your clients to transfer funds from an external bank account to a LPL non-retirement account without having to contact you. They can initiate cash transfers from a linked external bank account to non-retirement accounts and funds are typically available for use in their investment account the following business day.

If your client has a previously established a link to their bank account, then they're already setup to enter transfers in Account View. However, if your client would like to add, edit, or remove a connection to an external bank account, they will need to contact you. 

FAQ's - Transfer Money via ACH Deposits

Beneficiary Updates

You can log into the Account View web portal to add, view and edit beneficiary information for Transfer of Death designations for individual non-retirement accounts, in addition to qualified retirement accounts. This convenient, new feature saves you time as they do not need to contact your Advisor to make the update. 

Note: This is not available for 401k, Coverdell and joint non-retirement accounts.

Designating Beneficiaries How-To Guide

Authorized User Access Updates

Your can provide an authorized user access to your Account View profile. This is view-only access for a user authorized only by you.

Who do clients want to give account access to? Your clients may want to grant access to a significant other, or a family member, to view investment account information. Your client may also want their accountant to have access to their account in order to download tax statements. Clients can control this setting within their user profile preferences. 

Once logged in, click the gear icon (Settings) in the upper right-hand corner. Click the second tab at the top “MY INFORMATION”, and then “MANAGE ADDITIONAL USERS” in the AUTHORIZED USER ACCESS section.