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Elizabeth P. Sampson, CFP® and Richard J. West, CMFC®
Offering individualized financial
& investment planning services

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Step 1: We listen and learn about you

We truly understand and appreciate that our relationship with you works only if we are focused on you and assisting you in pursuing your goals. Step 1 is when we build the foundation of understanding your interests to help us be an advocate on your behalf and a pivotal member of your financial team.

Step 2: We collect financial data

This is what we refer to as the “homework” stage, but we’ll assist you along the way in an effort  to make this step simple. Utilize the Wealth Management Site to connect virtually any online account for real-time balance updates – making future financial plan updates easy! Also have the flexibility to input data manually or provide the information to us and we’ll do it for you. Once complete, we’ll then confirm with you our interpretations of your data before moving onto Step 3.

What type of data might I need?

Step 3: We analyze and propose solutions

Our experienced team can analyze your financial information and develop a comprehensive financial plan that outlines suggested actions designed to suit your short and long-term needs and interests.

We’ll then educate you on the pros and cons of each suggestion so that you can make informed, clear, and educated decisions.

Step 4: We take action, monitor, and update

In this rapidly-changing political and economic climate, it can’t be a one-and-done solution as simple financial decisions can result in long-term negative effects.

Our team understands your complicated needs in our complex times and we’ll be there to provide guidance with your financial decisions, assist you with the implementation of any suggested action, monitor your ongoing financial health, and continually update your financial plan to reflect the changes in your maturing situation and the environment around us.