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Personalized. Comprehensive. Client-focused.

Personalized. Comprehensive. Client-focused.

Concord River Financial Partners Elizabeth P. Sampson, CFP® and Richard J. West, CMFC® and Carl Marchitto share a common philosophy in their approach to financial planning and exceptional client service. Their common goals:

  • To provide each client with a personalized experience that extends beyond what they might expect
  • To focus on each client's comprehensive financial picture rather than investments alone
  • To conduct all business with great care, dedication, and a steadfast belief that focus should be on the unique needs of each client at all times

We Get to Know You

We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of our foundation of success.

We recognize that there is tremendous value in monitoring your entire financial picture ... and not just your investments. Our clientele include accomplished individuals, families, retirees, executives, and athletic professionals who recognize and appreciate the importance of having financial professionals advocating on their behalf -- those who strive to take the necessary extra steps to help ensure ongoing, comprehensive oversight of their various estate, tax, retirement, investment and insurance planning needs. 

We appreciate the importance of coordination among your team of financial professionals and are happy to work closely with your attorneys, tax advisors, agents, mortgage brokers, etc. to coordinate a comprehensive strategy. 

Your Trusted Financial Advocate

Your Trusted Financial Advocate

Our seasoned team of professionals offers more than 50 years of combined financial services experience -- working cohesively with the primary goal of ensuring that your interests are being met.

We want to earn your highest-level of trust and confidence so that you are comfortable approaching us regardless of your question, and have no doubt that we are looking out for your interests.

Our History

  • January 1991
    Liz Sampson joins Waddell & Reed
    Liz is introduced to financial planning and leaves a fulfilling career as a university administrator to pursue her new passion for financial planning with Waddell & Reed
  • April 2000
    Rick West launches financial career
    Rick exits the architectural industry after 9 years to pursue his zest for finance ... launching a financial career that includes writing a financial newsletter, providing market insights on the radio, teaching investment seminars, and conducting technical market analysis for commodity & currency trading firms.
  • December 2009
    Rick West joins Waddell & Reed
    Rick begins his financial planning practice with Waddell & Reed.
  • May 2013
    Liz & Rick meet
    Liz and Rick first realize the similarities in their approach to financial planning and client service -- beginning the foundation of their partnership.
  • November 2015
    Liz & Rick begin merging practices
    As Liz likes to say, "After having business dated for a number of years", Liz & Rick start the process of merging their practices by forming a team.
  • November 2016
    Sampson West & Associates
    Waddell & Reed, Liz's & Rick's broker-dealer, officially recognizes Sampson West & Associates as a team. In doing so, they believe the stability of their client's financial team is further enhanced for the long-term.
  • May 2018
    Concord River Financial
    Team "Sampson West & Associates" changes their name to "Concord River Financial" in an effort to better reflect their client-oriented philosophy and long term commitment to their clients' financial interests.
  • June 2019
    Acton, MA office
    Concord River Financial relocates their Massachusetts office to Acton, MA, in addition to affiliated office in Epping, NH
  • July 2021
    Waddell & Reed acquired by LPL Financial
    As a result of the acquisition of Waddell & Reed by LPL Financial, Concord River Financial partners with broker dealer LPL Financial.
  • May 2022
    Carl Marchitto welcomed as new Partner
    Rick and Liz welcome Carl Marchitto as a Concord River Financial Partner and expand the practice to include a third office location in Connecticut