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MAY 2023 Newsletter: Investor Sentiment Tested

May 05, 2023

Spring is often thought of as an uplifting time, marked by growth and renewed hope as we emerge from the long months of winter and look ahead to the rest of year. Investors saw signs of such renewed hope in recent weeks, especially on the inflation front as several inflation measures showed signs of improvement. We also saw markets stabilize after the surprisingly fast collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. While it initially appeared that a stable spring might set the markets up for a calm, quiet summer, a flurry of recent activity is likely to test investor sentiment over the next few months.

Another bank collapse put investors on edge again last week. JPMorgan, with financial support from the FDIC, will acquire First Republic Bank – the 14th largest commercial US bank1 and second biggest bank to fail in U.S. history. Their story was like Silicon Valley Bank’s, with a concentrated and wealthy deposit base and mismanaged bond portfolio. These unique mis-management characteristics and a government backstop make larger bank failures unlikely in the near term, though sentiment around bank conditions is fragile.

In other significant news, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that the date when the U.S. might not be able to pay its bills is quickly approaching if the debt ceiling is not raised or suspended soon. With the time for debate shrinking, the Treasury encouraged Congress not to wait until the last minute to resolve the debt ceiling issue (as they did in 2011). This urgent warning could provide a silver lining for investors if Congress does indeed push to resolve the issue soon and is able to avoid a summer-long Congressional debate.

Looking ahead, we see several signs of future health for the economy and markets, as delinquency rates on consumer loans remain below pre-COVID-19 levels, the prospective stabilization of the markets once the debt ceiling issue is resolved, and the potential positive effect that could take place when the Fed ends its current interest rate tightening campaign. And while business hiring intentions have slowed and consumers are pulling back on spending, we do not see the types of cracks we observed in the years leading up to the Great Financial Crisis.

We may not have a clear path for growth just yet, but we believe that ultimately, an upward trajectory is possible in due time thanks to a relatively healthy consumer base. In these strained market conditions, we continue to suggest maintaining a diversified investment approach aligned with your respective risk tolerance.

We at CRF sincerely appreciate your continued business and request that you please reach out to us should you have any questions.

1, May 1, 2023. “First Republic Bank seized, sold to JPMorgan Chase: Here's what to know”

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